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James Frazier

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We offer low mortgage rates available along with a convenient online loan application process supported by a team of experienced loan officers.

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Why is Impact Home Loans Inc. the best place to start when your client is considering purchasing a home or refinancing a mortgage?

Why Impact Home Loans Inc.
Why Impact Home Loans Inc.
  • Our system is designed with over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry to specifically lower the cost to the borrower and provide a fast qualification and approval process.
  • Impact Home Loans Inc. is a mortgage brokerage entity. This is the most effi- cient type of entity to service potential mortgage borrowers. We developed over 15 lenders to choose from for our borrowers. Our lenders include banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and large licensed mortgage lending entities.
  • In addition to our price advantage, we have developed a mortgage origination technology, cultivated a customer-oriented culture, and expedited the loan process with our intuitive, user-friendly technology.
  • Our systems use technology to put the borrower in control and eliminate typical industry costs. We seek synergy with professional organizations that can use us to benefit their clientele and themselves.
  • We do all this and still pay attention to making a profit in order to continue to offer great service in the mortgage industry for the long term.
  • We consider all parties involved with Impact Home Loans Inc. in mortgage transactions to be investors and we owe them a return.
  • We strive to earn the loyalty of all the entities we work with to provide the borrower with a loan that will close. These entities include lenders, title companies, realtors, etc. If we are efficient it makes their work easier and we gain their efficiencies in the process.
  • We have built a team among the entities to achieve efficiency that results in lower costs across all related transactions for the borrower.
  • That saves the borrower thousands of dollars on a mortgage and thousands more on the purchase transaction with our team of realtors.

Why so many lenders?

The mortgage industry is based on risk analysis science to develop rates and other fees.
Not all lenders are equal in risk acceptance and some are advantaged or restricted by RESPA, resulting in increased overhead and inefficiencies.

Our working relationship with more than 15 trusted lenders allows Impact Home Loans Inc. to match the borrower with a lender that views their qualifications as a fit for their loan policies, giving the borrower the low rate at reasonable low cost they can get in the mortgage loan industry.

Our multiple lenders also allow us to offer all types of loans (FHA, VA, USDA, REVERSES, ARMS, CONSTRUCTION, and more) that best fit the borrower's needs.

The purchase of a home should start with the mortgage application

With a lender approved loan ready to close. Then the borrowers are now buyers with money backing their offer and they have the ability to close quickly.

We refer our lender approved borrowers to our team of realtors. These realtors deeply discount their commissions for our borrowers, because they know the borrowers/buyers are prepared to complete the purchase transaction. Our realtors use their discount to achieve a rebate to the borrowers/buyers to cover closing costs or other RESPA approved benefiical purposes.

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